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Customer Testimonials

"Pampered Paws Pet Sitting provides exceptional service. Our two dogs look forward to their visits and they are happy, tired and well-cared for upon our return! I recommend Pampered Paws to all pet owners with no reservations. She have even won over our westie, which is no easy task."​ 

                                                                                   - M. M., Concord, NH       

"Our pups are happy when we come home, but not exploding with energy and desperate to go to the bathroom, as they were before we had a dog walker. Jen cares for my difficult Shepard mix ensuring he has no contact with other dogs and makes sure our fat little pug mix doesn't get any treats, just like we reported."

                                                                            - Anonymous, Concord, NH

"Jen is awesome! I feel totally comfortable leaving my pets in her care whether it's for a short visit or week-long care. One day while I was at work my young golden had a reaction from an insect bite. Jen called me immediately and took her to the vet to be taken care of. I so appreciate the reliable, loving and professionalism of this great person!"

                                                                                      - J. K., Penacook, NH 

"I know I tell you all the time, but I am truly thankful for all you do for the dogs, cat and us. My dogs love you and I can always tell when they had a visit. They are always happier when we get home. I also have to share with you that Grif was extremely sad when we got back from Jamaica. He was happy to see us and wouldn't leave our side, but he just seemed sad. So I share this so you know how much we truly appreciate you." 

                                                                         - J. and B. M., Canterbury, NH 

"Pampered Paws is great! She is timely and my husband jokes that our dog loves Jennifer more than him! Our dog is always happy to see her."

                                                                                            - D. B., Bow, NH  

"The day Jen came to meet the dogs, I opened the door and she immediately bent down to introduce herself to them. From that moment on, I realized she was here to make sure the dogs were taken care of and well loved. She does daily walks, drive one to day care and over nights when we are away. She sends pictures and updates, all the time, which is very important to me. The dogs are picky and immediately fell in love with her. We used to be nervous, going away, but now that we have Jen, the stress is lifted. My husband and I are able to go to work and know that the dogs are getting the love and play time they deserve. Jen truly is like a family member and we wouldn't have it any other way."  

                                                                                      - K. F., Concord, NH 

"You have been a blessing to us in so many ways. It would be my pleasure to provide the highest possible recommendation concerning your impeccable and trusted services.  

                                                                                     - B. N., Pembroke, NH 

"Delighted to have you caring for the pets."

                                                                                           - Anonymous 

"Your service is greatly appreciated."

                                                                                      - L. N., Concord, NH 

"Great Care." We really appreciate your flexibility and willingness to help out when the day care closed. You were life savers! Also, the neighbors have noticed you walking and playing with her and have commented on how well you handle and how much time you spend with her."  

                                                                                    - S. C., Pembroke, NH 

"I have known Jen for 16 years and on many occasions she has cared for my pets. I had 2 cats and a dog and Jen gave each one such personal attention."                                 

                                                                         - S. T., Concord, NH          

"Jen is one of the most compassionate human beings that I have had the pleasure to meet. It is clear that Pampered Paws Pet Sitting is not just a job for her, but a true passion." 

                                                                                   - S. A., Andover, NH  

"Thank you so much. You went above and beyond! We will use you again!! The care was awesome to all the pets!!"   

                                                                         - L. R., Salisbury, NH

"Thanks so much for a fabulous job. I feel secure knowing I can go away again and my pets will be well taken care of."

                                                                          - J. K., Penacook, NH

"Thanks so much for the peace of mind this weekend. We are lucky to have you!!"

                                                                          - K. C., Penacook, NH 

"It was so wonderful to get away yesterday, especially knowing that Cricket is getting 5 star care."

                                                                          - K. C., Canterbury, NH

"Thanks for another great job. The dogs seemed very happy upon our return."

                                                                          - T. P., Salisbury, NH

"Great job. Very thorough. Love the daily reports."

                                                                          - S. D., Concord, NH

"We were very pleased with the loving care our dog received."

                                                                          - M. C., Penacook, NH

"Excellent service. Went beyond. Very happy and would definitely recommend you."                                                                 

                                                                          - B. B., Boscawen, NH

"Thanks for all of your care and love you gave my pets! I appreciate all your updates while I was gone."

                                                                          - T. B., Concord, NH

"Very dependable, organized, thorough. Excellent communication!"

                                                                          - P. A., Concord, NH

"You did a wonderful job!! Both cats were happy and content, which shows how well they took to you."

  - A. L., Concord, NH

"We can not thank you enough."

                                                                          - J. W., Boscawen, NH

"Thanks so much for your quick response and eagerness to take them on."

                                                                              - C. Y., Boscawen, NH

"I would recommend Jen to anyone looking for reliable, compassionate, truly exceptional care for their animals! She goes above and beyond to meet your needs, is flexible, professional and most importantly understanding of all the needs your pet may have. I feel confident and relaxed knowing my pets are getting the best care possible with Jen! Thank you so very much for everything!"

                                                                           - E. L., Concord, NH

"In my visit today, I mentioned how pleased my wife and I have been with Jennifer Abbott and her pet sitting (and caring) service over the last several months. She is very professional, local and responsive. We are pleased to recommend Jen to your customers."

                                                               - L. and D. C., Boscawen, NH

* E-Mail sent to a local vet office

"You're awesome! Reliable!"

                                                                                          - J. K., Concord, NH

"We are delirious to you have you." 

                                                                                      - S. G., Canterbury, NH

"I couldn't be more pleased; you went above and beyond. Many thanks!"

                                                                             - Anonymous, Boscawen, NH

"We are so thrilled to have your help and appreciate the love and care you provide. Bella and Brady so look forward to your visits! Thank you for this vision, we love it!"

                                                                                            - J. R., Loudon, NH

"Thank you both for providing excellent care for our boy!"

                                                                                         - P. I., Hopkinton, NH

"Thank you so much!! I feel much better leaving them when they are in your care. You are the best!"

                                                                                       - V. S., Salisbury, NH 

"We are so thankful to have Jen take care of Halo. Halo considers you guy part of her pack and so do we! 1000% trust and peace of mind."

                                                                                 - M. D., Pembroke, NH 

"You are awesome! I know the cats are well cared for and loved by you! Not to mention getting the mail, etc. Thank you, thank you!"  

                                                                                   - J. G., Concord, NH 

"Jen is amazing! Having them here to take care of my babies gives me peace of mind everyday! They are truly a Godsend!"  

                                                                             - R. W., Concord, NH 

"Jen is awesome!! Callie loves you both!!"

                                                                                         - P. M., Concord, NH

"Thank you so much!!"

                                                                                    - J. S., Concord, NH 

"I can not thank you enough for the wonderful care you provide my boy. You give me such peace of mind while I am at work. You truly go above and beyond with your services and it shows."  

                                                                                   - K. M., Concord, NH 

"My dog, an 8 year old Australian Shepard (male), has several challenging behaviors--aggressive to other dogs and cats on the street; aggressive to strange men and to any person in uniform; has bitten one person on the street. Jen Abbott has managed my dog's behavior and has given him safe, satisfying walks for 8 months. She is very skillful at maintaining an environment on the dog walks in which my dog knows, continuously, what is expected of him. He knows how to respond to her commands, and she does this in a loving, gentle, but firm manner. She is especially attentive to anticipating and avoiding problem situations, so that stressful encounters do not develop. My dog loves Jen and so do we!! His general behavior and calmness has improved in every situation due to her guidance and training!" 

                                                                                  - J. D., Concord, NH 

"It was such a relief to be able to leave our cats in your care. You took very good care of them. We also appreciate the other things you did for us while you were here. We'll be calling you again, for sure."

                                                                            - D. H., Hopkinton, NH 

"We had an amazing getaway and a huge thanks to you for helping make that happen. Our boys love your care. We are already looking forward to our Europe getaway."

                                                                             - L. S., Canterbury, NH 

"Thank you so much for caring for our dogs. They were very content and happy. I am sure you understand what a great relief it is to know they are in good hands." 

                                                                             - P. C., Concord, NH 

"You literally make my life possible. I am getting promoted because I am able to work longer days and more often. I am able to do so with peace of mind knowing that the dogs are happy."

                                                                                         - N.F., Concord, NH 

"Thanks for giving me peace of mind every Thursday."

                                                                              - A. G., Concord, NH

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